Abdelaziz Al Arbaoui (Stati)

Abdelaziz Al Arbaoui, great singer of Moroccan Chaabi, this specialist of kamanja (violin) was born in El Jadida in Morocco, in 1961.

The opportunity to show off his talent comes almost by chance, a music band passing through his native country. The orchestra of Settat was stuck without the violinist and hires him for a substitution. The young Abdelaziz impresses the audience considerably and obtains a permanent position within the group. The collaboration will last four years. During the early 80s Abdelaziz Stati will have the opportunity to learn from the best musicians of the Moroccan popular scene such as: Salah Smaili, Salah Elmeknassi, Assahib ben Almaati, perfecting his knowledge of Aïta (art musical and poetics inspired by the social life of the Moroccan man that often deals with themes such as love, pleasure and beauty and nature) and the Marsaoui rhythms (typical of the Eassouira area) and Zaari.

At the age of 12, this strong headed goes even to Casablanca to work to afford his first violin. His success came almost by chance, when passing through his native village, he had to replace a violinist from the Settat troupe. The teenager impresses the audience. This was the revelation.

The two parties will continue their collaboration for four years. Stati than founded his own troupe: a group of chaâbi composed of Mils Mustapha and Al Houcine Ben Al Wafa to perfect his knowledge in the art of Aïta, rhythms of marsaoui and zaari. The following year, Abdelaziz Al Arbaoui is being met with increasing success. Hence, he is regularly invited to sing at various ceremonies throughout Morocco as well as in Europe, where he still performs frequently.

He then recorded “Al mouima Essabra Dima” taken over by Cheb Khaled. Then, in 1987, huge successes such as “Moulat Laayoun Lakbar”, “Zinette Attabssima”, “Ache Semmak Allah”, or “Moulay Attahar”. These musical works mix violin and percussion rhythms on committed texts.

Abdelaziz Stati is considered one of the best Chaâbi artists of Morocco. He has been a guest of various events, ceremonies and festivals both at home and abroad. Memorable were his performances at the Zenith in Paris, at the Chaâbi festival of Dakhla and at the “Al Mawazine” Festival in Rabat during which, in 2009, he performed in front of more than 70 thousand spectators.

Abdelaziz Stati is always vital and enthralling. He strongly involves the public by virtue of a very poetic musical proposal that often deals with the theme of Ghourba, the distance, the condition in which many of his countrymen live, expatriate expatriates in search of work. The true master of his instrument  (it must be said that in addition to the violin he obtains excellent results even when he tries his hand at Loutar)  owes his name, Stati, to a deformation of one of his hands that counts as many as six fingers.

Currently he continues his activity producing records and holding concerts.

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