Abdallah Al Bidaoui

Abdellah El Bidaoui is a Moroccan singer of Aita. He began his career in 1958 in the city of Casablanca in Morocco with the music band of the late Bouchaib Al Bidaoui (author of the theatrical performance “El aïta aalik”). Abdellah El bidaoui participated in many events and plays with this group.

In 1960, Abdellah El Bidaoui decided to join the group of the maestro of Aita Marechal Kibou for a tour through several cities in Morocco, which greatly contributed to the reputation of the artist. After a few years with the stars of Aïta, he founded his own band: Abdellah El Bidaoui.

To his surprise, the group became famous quickly thanks to popular songs such as “Idirha Lkass A Abbass”, “Hab Arrouman” as well as “Khalini Khalini Nsaraf Maktoubi”. The music style of “Aïta” in Morocco is known in the regions of Chaouia and Doukala (The mersaoui), Abda, Ben Ahmed and Safi (The hasbaoui), Marrakech and Rehamna (The haouzi), Essaouira and Chiadma (The chiadmi), the valley of Sebou (The gharbaoui), where the Moroccan tribes spread love for the poetic improvisation.

To this day, many musical groups are inspired by the performances of these Aita pioneers in their compositions. The art of “Aïta” is inspired by the social life of Moroccans and is often based on the theme of love, pleasure, beauty and nature. A familiar face on the small screen, this specialist of “Aïta” often took part in several shows on the Moroccan national TV; he is also participated in many festivals in Morocco and abroad.

Abdellah El Bidaoui was found dead in September 2013 in his home in Mohammedia.

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