El Hajja Halima … The exception among “Sheikhat”

Hajja Halima is an exception among all Moroccan sheikhat. Although a large number of fans of the art of “Aita” don’t know the name of the Hajja Halima like they know Hajja Hamdaouia, Hajja Hamounia, Fatna Bent Lhoucine and other Aita Pioneers, the elite and and wealthy families inside and outside Morocco, know her well and love her voice and art and prefer her to other Aita artists.

Halima has never been concerned about the decline of the demand on Aita and Sheikhat, because she has always been living her golden age, present at weddings, major events and concerts of the Moroccan rich people who don’t appreciate Aita without Hajja Halima who masters not only Aita but also the Egyptian Oum Kalthoum’s songs, the modern Moroccan song and “Moushahat”. Hajja Halima also excels in playing rhythmic instruments like Riq “Ter” and Drum “Bandeer”. She is an exceptional artist.

No one knows exactly how the Marrakechi artist achieved what she acheived today and how she entered “Dar L’makhzen” (Moroccan Royal Palace). She became the favorite Sheikha there, especially because she does not like to go vial and prefers discrete and private parties. She does not appear on television or talk to the mainstream media. All artists almost gather that her talent, voice, personality, creativity and literature contributed to her achievement and succes.

Unlike other sheikhat, Hajja Halima has her own style. The much known Aita artist Hajib, who previously worked with her, said: “Hajja Sheikha is an artist who has great intelligence and high taste, especially when it comes to choosing her style which mixes between what she learned in Marrakech, Rhamna, Rabat and Touarka. Hajja Halima excels in Hawzi, Marsawi as well as in modern Aita.

Hajja Halima has a unique voice and performs well in “Brawel” sytle. Hajja Halima is also the first “Sheikha” and the only one among the “sheikhs” who was able to skillfully perform two different Aita styles with a rare mastery. It is a “R’koub Lkhayl” known as “Mal H’bibi Malu Alia” and Aita “Kafra Ghadratini” known as “Laadou Ya Laadou,” says Hajib, who loves to listen to listen to these Aita. He adds: “Halima needs to rely on “Shakhda” and employs it when necessary, but at the same time she respects Aita because it depends on “Radm”. That means she knows exactly how to play with the rhythm as needed.

Halima is not accessible to everyone, and cannot be attended and watched with her daughters (her team), except by the lucky ones who have the opportunity to attend the “High Class” events. Hajja Halima does not celebrate parties or concerts like other popular artists or “sheikhat” except in rare and prestigious places.

Despite her VIP and prestigious status among chaabi srtists, Hajja Halima is still humble with her funs and Aita lovers. “Hajja Halima is a knowhow, politeness and good conduct. That’s what I learned from her,” says Hajib.


Noura Fouar (translated by AytArt.com)




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