Miloud Mghari : The Pioneer of Chaabi

He is the founder of modern Moroccan Chaabi Art (Moroccan popular music/pop) and the sole icon of the popular Moroccan modern. Most of the chaabi artists who became famous should be owing to Miloud Lamghari . Not only they did not add much to chaabi, but they also copied his songs and his style of playing, sometimes with light touching and re-distribution.

Miloud Lamghari is considered to be the establisher of a matchless school of Chaabi Art folk art. Many famous artists such as Abdel Aziz Stati, Said Oueld Al-Howat, Bouchaib  Ziyani, Mustafa Bourgogne, Said Sanhaji, Abdullah Daoudi and others, have adopted his sytle and repeated his songs and compositions,  to mention just few examples.

Some of his best songs are “Ched Hamdak Idris, Galet Lia Naatik, Aya Bawab, La Tbkish, Wahya Lghadi Alouham, K’tab Lya Naraak… Mal Zin Kwan, Talaa Laawina, Lwali Sidi Slimane, Qissa Odakka, Saheb Khouya” as well as other songs that are embedded in the memory of every lover of authentic Chaabi Art.

The big and the unique Miloud Mghari passed away on 23-10-1993 following injuries he sustained in an auto accident between Kenitra and Rabat in Morocco.


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