Exclusive interview with the star of the art of Aita artist Samir Tourati

  – Samir Tourati, welcome and thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you. – Welcome my dear and thank you for interviewing me. Q: Who is Samir Tourati? A: Samir Tourati is an artist who performs traditional popular songs. Q: What kind of singing do you like? A: I adore Hasbawi and Masawi. Q: Why did you choose these particular types? A: Aita is a selected art that does not include vulgar words. It speaks only about prominent personalities such as Qaids, Pashawat, Horses, T’bourida/fantasy, pride and victories. Its All these words tell real facts and expose old events, and that’s the reason for my passion for Aita. Q: Give us examples of Aita songs you know by know by heart A: I memorize many Aita songs like T’kabbet L’khayl A’la L’khayl, L’hasba, Hajti Fi Grini, Kharbusha, R’jana Fi Laali, L’hadawiyat, Li Bra Hbibu, Laghzal, Baghala anf other Hasbawi and Marsawi songs. Q: What do you think about the status of Aita today? A: Aita today has a cultural value thanks to researchers and professors like the late Mohamed Bouhmid, Hassan Najmi, Nasim Haddad, Allal Rekouk and many others. There is also TV shows that promote Aita. All these efforts All this bode well and ensures the continuity Ayta Art. In addition, groups of music such as Ouled Ben Aguida, Oueld Souba, Ouled L’bouaazzawi, Jamel Zerhouni still preserve Ayta Art nowadays, not to mention young artists who sing and record Ayta. Q: How did you learn all the Ayta songs you know and which artists you were you influenced by? A: Fatna Bent Lhoucine was my Idol. I adore her very much because ne one is like her. She is extraordinary and brilliant. When she sings I can’t resist her charm and I am immediately attracted by her charisma. There was no one like Fatna and there will be no one like her. I was very honored to I attend some of her concerts and to meet her. I learned a lot from this outstanding lady.  I also learned a lot from Ouled Ben Aguida. For instance, Ayta songs like Al-Hasbah, Ben Jamaa O Latlat and Radhouni. I really can’t thank them enough. Q: What are your ambitions with regards to the Art of Ayta? A: My ambition regarding the art of Aita is to record as much Marsawi and Hasbawi songs as I can, and I hope that Aita will regain her majesty have the place it deserves because it is no less important than any other Art. Q: Tell us about your new album and when is it going to be released? A: My very new album is expected to be available by this coming weekend. The album will contain two Hasbawi songs, namely, Hajti Fi Grini and Laammala. It also have Berwala Chyadmia named L’khyl Awin Awin. The rest of the album will be a surprise to Ayta lovers and hope they will like it. Q: What is your message to fans of Al Aita Art on this page? A: I would like to thank them very much for choosing this Art and I congratulate them for their good choice. I also thank them for their support without which I won’t be who I am today. Q: What is you message to the authorities in charge of the cultural matters in Morocco? A: I would like to ask them to show well deserved appreciation and care to the artists who enriched the art and gave a lot the Ayta. The reason being is that there is Ayta Cheikhs and Cheikhat who gave a lot to this art. Yet they got nothing back, endure hard life and suffer from poverty and negligence. For instance Cheikha Ayda, Cheikh Dahmou, Kharbuaa, Mustapha Zouak and other Ayta pioneers. Q: What would like to say to conclude? A: Thank you for this interview and for having chosen me as you guest. I hope I met your expectations. Let me also wish this page long life, continuity and lots of followers.   Thank you Samir. I wish you a lot of success and brilliance in your career of artist. We are eager to enjoy you new album. Good bye  
  Interviewed by Hassan Abnaou on 2017-02-21
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